What Defines Your Business Brand?

What Defines Your Business Brand?

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Do you think a lot about branding? Or did you just hit the ground running? Maybe you left your branding behind in the dust because you thought it wasn’t important?

Did you know that every company should focus on building a unique brand? Whether you’re the boss babe at the top of the empire or you’re just starting out. This is how the general public and, more importantly, your customers will recognize your business and distinguish it from your competitors. Branding your business involves emphasizing and defining a core set of principles, values, and projections that those future buyers can easily recognize and associate with positive experiences and value. Although a brand can be established in various ways, here are a few popular and successful ways to make your mark in your niche!

Your Employees

While you may think of marketing collateral when it comes to your business brand, your employees can also go a long way toward defining your brand voice. To make that happen, your team should be trained to represent the company according to your core values. For example, if one of your key selling points is fast transactions, then team members should be coached to work efficiently and close the deal within a limited timeframe.

Take another example, say you want to promote your business as a delightful place to shop. In this case, you should train employees to smile and be helpful and considerate to customers. While training is important, it’s also worth remembering that employee behavior while out of the office can reflect on the company. You’re likely thinking that is beyond your control, and you’d be right! However, you can try to recruit employees with prized qualities, like a solid work ethic, a clean background, and a respectable reputation. Hiring for these qualities will create a brand that is wholesome and uplifting.

Your Business History

Even now, the internet is amassing more and more information about businesses’ past and present, and your business isn’t immune! Your business history is probably available online to anyone who cares to look. With this in mind, work to use your company website to project high standards of productivity and community relations. Regardless of the kind of business you run, be sure to include photos of stellar news stories and benchmarks of success.

It’s no secret that product and customer reviews impact your brand, your reputation, and more. Use this to your advantage by soliciting quality reviews from customers and industry professionals. If you’re still not convinced that you need customer reviews, then understand that 80% of consumers will trust your reviews as much or more than friends and family–and that’s a lot of trust! After a simple google search and look at your company profile, prospective clients and established customers will be more inclined to do business with you. And you’ll also be more likely to retain these new customers moving forward.

Your Company Image

Never underestimate the value of a powerful image. Visual imagery promotes a certain image of your company. Send an image or paint a picture, and it will remain in the minds and memories of all who see it. Marketing ads, videos, and public presentations in company colors reinforce your image in the eyes of beholders–your potential customers. Visual imagery doesn’t stop with branding and marketing strategy but it should be incorporated into everything that is your business. As your business grows, use that imagery when you design or build an office that is easily and quickly associated with your brand.

Utilizing the company logo goes a long way as well. Choose dynamic colors to symbolize your company’s growth, authority, and superiority. Create a unique emblem or mascot to enhance your professional image. Not sure where to start with developing a logo? I’m happy to help you step up your marketing game with my Theme Customization package. I’ll help you figure out just the right way to attract your favorite audience and optimize your content advertising.

To wrap up, it’s time to seize the day and make your mark. How do you make your mark as a business owner? By creating an unforgettable brand, of course! Follow this advice and you’ll be able to stand out, attract the right customers, and create a memorable experience to keep people coming back again and again.



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