Thoughts On Singles Declarations

TL;DR Be careful with Singles Declarations. God uses you in EVERY season of your life. Don’t be so desperate to get to the next season that you miss what God has for you in this season. Believe God for the deep things about your spouse. Whatever you’re praying for in a spouse – pray for in yourself also.

I recently saw a post titled “single declarations” and, whether or not this specific post was intended as a joke, it made me really sad to think about the singles culture in churches today. We wonder why our young women are so desperate to get married that they act crazy every time a new guy shows up at church, yet we’re basically telling everyone that God isn’t going to use them until they get married. We treat singleness like a desert time, rather than acknowledging that it’s an important time in everyone’s life. A time where they are growing in themselves and building their relationship with God. We forget to mention that when you’re single you have more opportunities to serve. You’re not married and you’re not wrangling children and you have way more freedom to up and leave and follow whatever God is calling you to do.

The post that I saw listed out declarations like “wedding dresses and tuxes”, “favorable glances”, “dates”, and “meeting my partner to build the Kingdom”.

So in response to that, I would like to make my own “singles declarations” for myself and all of the singles in churches all over.

I am believing the Lord for a spouse with…

  • A hunger, passion, and love for God that drives everything they do
  • A healthy heart
  • Solid character traits
  • Godly friendships
  • The understanding of who they are in Christ and for them to be walking in that revelation
  • Godly wisdom
  • A strong work ethic
  • Humility
  • A servant’s heart

Most importantly, I am believing and praying for these things for myself as well. And while I am trusting you, God, in this season continue to use me to build and further Your Kingdom!


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