Brand Reveal | I Am A Clean Eater

Pia Maffei from I Am A Clean Eater was so much fun to work with! Her site is all about learning to eat clean, delicious food – and let me tell you, I was craving all the yummy goodness looking at her recipe pictures!

First, we spent lots of time discussing her site and her goals and what she wanted out of the whole project. As a result of all of those discussions, we landed on a simple design to really highlight the images and blog posts on her site.




Brand Reveal | I Am A Clean Eater


As with any recipe blog, you want to make sure that your design helps the images stand out. That means you’re gonna wanna go with a more minimal design to keep your readers from being overwhelmed by too many colors and patterns. Therefore we chose to go with simple, earthy colors for I Am A Clean Eater. First of all, these colors will enhance the fresh food feel without overwhelming your senses. Secondly, the green and orange color are bright fun pops that give the call-to-actions a nice visual way to stand out. Finally, whites and greys are simple and easy to read colors for those yummy recipes you’re going to want to cook up!

Does I Am A Clean Eater’s brand board make you want to eat all the clean yummy goodness too?! I’m over here drooling over every single recipe! Makes me want to spend the day in the kitchen!

If you want to see more of her project check it out in my portfolio!



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