4 Must-Haves for Your Website in 2019

Getting your online business in front of potential customers is essential for its survival. Website owners and marketers have to adjust to the growing online presence of social media and mobile apps. In order to succeed online, your new website must provide helpful information to consumers, have sophisticated e-commerce capabilities, and present viable options for mobile devices. In addition to all of this, your web design has to be attractive and efficient.

Useful Content

One of the most effective means to obtain organic traffic is by making your website relevant and useful to customers’ needs. Building content is an ongoing process. You cannot post a blurb every so often and expect people to see you. Content must provide helpful information, and you should post it in the form of articles, blogs, reviews, or other means at least once per week. If necessary, hire someone to write your content for you. Schedule consistent posts so your customers start anticipating new information. Regular and unique content will also help your Google rankings.

E-Commerce Functionality

E-commerce functionality is crucial to conduct sales and other business activities online. You want to provide a great experience for returning clients and potential customers so they keep coming back. Make sure you have security certificates in place. Frequently remind customers that your site protects all transactions. Maintain your e-commerce functionality by ensuring all links work and connect to your career page, legal information, privacy policy, social pages, and product pages. Your product pages should have unique content, and a shopping cart is always a beneficial option. You need to have a clear checkout button on each page, tabs to product categories and items, and the types of payments you accept. At the point of sale, ensure you are calculating the correct amount of sales tax for the state.

Web Design

Never underestimate the power of your website design in a successful online venture. Like your content, if you cannot create an amazing website on your own, hire someone to do it for you. Focus on the aesthetics and layout, which should be simple. Simplicity outweighs standing out, although you definitely need to aim for both. Your navigation menu should be intuitive. Avoid clutter, put your prime topics in a grid format, and make sure there is plenty of white space on your pages. Complementary and/or contrasting color schemes help highlight your important elements. Your ultimate goal is to keep your visitors on your website for longer than the three-to-five-second blink phase.

Mobile-Compatible Version

Do not neglect mobile applications for your website. People now browse the internet on their cell phones at an ever-increasing rate. In 2019 it was nearly 50 percent. Personal computer sales have plateaued. The only way to remain competitive in online sales is to be a part of the mobile app conversation. The newer generations report businesses can reach them easier via text messages and social media than email.

Online business owners must adjust to shifting consumer behavior regarding the internet. The prosperous and successful new website of 2019 needs to have useful content, e-commerce functionality, an amazing design, and a mobile-compatible version in order to provide the results you want. Let’s work together to make your website the best that it can be.


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