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One of the best things about the Internet is that it gives everyone the chance to voice an opinion. This can definitely work in your favor if you have a small business with a loyal clientele. Your customers may have even written some favorable reviews of your business on Yelp or a similar site, but […]

Making a Website? 5 Reasons Why You Should Include Reviews

Has choice paralysis gotten the best of you? Let me guess, you’re looking for the best theme for your new website but after spending DAYS researching and scouring the internet you’ve come up with way too many to count and now you don’t know what to do. Today I’m going to help you break out […]

8 Steps To Breaking Choice Paralysis When Choosing A WordPress Theme

Hi all! Yup – you read that right! New themes are coming to my shop very soon!! I’ve been pretty silent for a while, but that’s because I’ve been working on some super fun stuff!! I have a few beautiful pre-built themes coming your way for you guys to buy, customize, make your own and fall […]

New Themes Coming Soon

The office of Dr.’s Peterson and Abe Periodontics in San Diego contacted me earlier this year to work on a rebrand and new website build. They previously had a not so great experience with another developer and I was excited to make this experience better. Due to the previous experience, we had a more limited […]

Brand Reveal | Peterson and Abe Periodontics

Ok, I can’t be the only one who gets sucked into the Pinterest vortex for hours on end, right? When I go down the rabbit hole I love to check out some great website designs, their designers, and will always be sucked in with brand boards. I have a Pinterest board right now of all […]

My top 5 favorite super girly brand boards

Pia Maffei from I Am A Clean Eater was so much fun to work with! Her site is all about learning to eat clean, delicious food – and let me tell you, I was craving all the yummy goodness looking at her recipe pictures! First, we spent lots of time discussing her site and her goals […]

Brand Reveal | I Am A Clean Eater

Jenny from First Days Co was super fun to work with. Her inspiration was nature, she loves very clean and minimal designs, and she had a lot of fun ideas. I built a site for her that was all about her Diastasis Recti recovery program – which I knew nothing about before but got to […]

Brand Reveal | First Days Co

Author and blogger, Bekah DiFelice, was looking for something modern yet with the fun, tropical feel of San Diego. After spending some time on Pinterest and checking out other sites that she liked, we landed on these colors. Bright and playful.     Bekah’s site has a lot of white and open space, so it […]

Brand Reveal | Bekah DiFelice