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Updating Plugins – With Email Templates for Clients!

Hi hi, friends! I have run across this quite a bit frequently – other designers and developers saying that their clients are coming to them because their site is down! After a bit of discussion, it ends up coming out that they haven’t been updating plugins for, oooh I don’t know, ever!

Do you have any clients like that? What do you do? Get stressed and shoot off a sassy email telling them to figure it out themselves? Get anxiety because there’s no way you have the time to fix it during your crazy week? Become annoyed that they didn’t listen to you in the first place?

I have felt ALL of those feelings! And you know what – they’re all super valid, but probably not the best to act on as a business owner. That’s why I created not one, but two super simple and great email templates to shoot out to your clients about updating plugins.

The first is a reminder email – it shares with them the importance of updating plugins, how to update plugins, and lets them know that you’re available for any questions about suspicious plugins.

The second email is for those clients who didn’t follow instructions (we all have them!) and are now stuck in a nasty situation where their site has become unusable. This one again reminds them of the importance up updating plugins and lets them know what the next steps are in your process of getting their site back online.

Both email templates have a line about talking to you about setting up some sort of site management – honestly, the easiest way to go! If you’re not already offering site management, you should consider it – if you have considered it, and are still not wanting to go that route, feel free to remove that line.

Are you ready to get the templates and remove some stress from your everyday life? Head on over to my freebies page now!

Email Template: Informing clients about updating their plugins





Updating Plugins – With Email Templates for Clients!

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