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Brand Reveal | Peterson and Abe Periodontics

The office of Dr.’s Peterson and Abe Periodontics in San Diego contacted me earlier this year to work on a rebrand and new website build. They previously had a not so great experience with another developer and I was excited to make this experience better.

Due to the previous experience, we had a more limited budget to work with, but the final outcome was exciting for both of us.

During the branding portion of the project…

I learned that both of the dr.s are very outdoorsy guys who love surfing in San Diego. That became a central point of the website’s design. We wanted to let patients learn not just about the services in the office, but about the people, they would be working with. The team is fun and welcoming and warm, so we chose warm and welcoming tones accompanied by exciting photos of the ocean and surfing.

Another factor we took into account when branding was the decor already in use at the office. Though your website doesn’t have to match everything in your office, we wanted patients to have a cohesive experience. From the moment a patient lands on until the moment they leave the office they are experiencing one brand. That makes for patients who feel very well cared for.

The logo

I think my favorite part of the brand is the logo! One of our talented interns created it and myself along with the team at Peterson and Abe Periodontics fell in love! It’s a mix between a toothbrush and a wave, exactly everything we were trying to carry through the entire design.

Peterson and Abe periodontics Brand Board

I’d love to hear what you think of this brand! Would you have chosen different colors? Maybe different images or fonts? Comment below with thoughts, questions and fun stories about your own branding projects.

If you want to see more of their project check it out in my portfolio!

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Brand Reveal | Peterson and Abe Periodontics

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